Is Paid Time Off The Best Avenue For An Employee To Take

Is Paid Time Off The Best Avenue For An Employee To Take?


Paid time off is double-sided coin that has its pros and cons for employees and employers. There are reasons why people may need to take a personal day here and there, but when it comes to extended, time off, it really doesn’t benefit either party.

Since the issues can be argued widely, there are people that take either side of the issue. This article will focus on why paid time off may not be the best choice for the employee, and here are the reasons why:

Lack Of Dedication

When an employee is given the choice to have to too much, paid time off it cuts into their dedication to their job. Being away from their duties will, in a way, force them to become more complacent about the daily issues that present themselves on their jobs. This can have detrimental effects on their career in general. They may be seen as worker who doesn’t care much about what happens to their position in the company.

This mostly happens when they take extended, time off for becoming a new parent. In some companies, they give them up to a year off of time from their job to take care of their new infant. If the employee takes advantage of this time off, they look to be not serious about their career or their job.


Poor Employee Evaluations
Poor Employee Evaluations

Poor Evaluations

When it comes time for an evaluation of their duties during extended, paid time off period, there is nothing to base their work on. They have been gone from the position more than they have been there, leaving their superior with little to go on, and in most cases the items are left not applicable for the results of the evaluation.

Lack Of Promotions

The employees that take advantage of extended, paid time off periods will find that they will lose out on promotions to other employees that stick around and complete their daily duties. Not being there does not equate to a good choice to having more responsibility with more pay, therefore, the promotion is not given to them. This, in turn, leaves them in their same position with the same pay rate. They will never make more money than their normal pay raise according to their companies pay structure.

Employers Cutting Into Employees Vacation Time

In reality, the employer is cutting into the employees paid vacation time when they offer paid time off strategies. The employee isn’t aware of this, but that is exactly what is happening. It benefits the employer in more ways than it does the employee.

Lastly, It Creates A Competitive Environment Like Never Before

With the paid time off policies taking over the corporate world, there is a competitive nature that happens inside the companies. The employees use the paid time off as weapon against their fellow employees saying they are not dedicated to the job.

This is done to make them take less paid time off so they will complete their share of the duties. It can cause a stressful work environment, and one that can be avoided if these policies for paid time off were not in place to unreasonable extents.


Paid Time Off for employees
Paid Time Off for employees

Companies That Offer Extensive, Paid Time Off To Employees

There are several companies that are following the lead of President Obama whom wants all companies that have over 15 employees to offer paid, time off to their workers. They are (offers six weeks paid time off per year), Netflix (offering up to 12 months for a new parent of paid time off per year), Virgin (gives employees as much time off as they like), Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook and a variety of other companies.

In many cases, they also require that the contractors whom they complete business with also do this with their own employees. With many reasons for why they are offering this paid time off, they all have one thing in common. They are seeking publicity points by following the President’s lead.

For those employees whom value their time that put on their jobs, they will continue to put in the long hours that are necessary to prove their worth. So long as policy is followed and employees use standard vacation request forms when scheduling their days off, everything runs smoothly internally. They want to receive more money and promotions. Taking paid time off will leave them in a lurch when it comes to staying up-to-date with what is happening in the company arena.

They prefer to be there, and to be in the know so they can be the next one moving up the ladder to the top. Paid time off is better in their allotted, vacation times, and they know it is a fact. They want to do well for their company and for themselves, and they do so by being there every day in order to succeed at their daily tasks, and produce the results that set them apart from the rest.


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